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Use Speed As A Betting Strategy

This is due to the fact that “the game” is based on risk and a lot of unpredictability.

It’s always good to do what you can to ensure the best chances of winning. And at the very least, following good strategy will give the player the peace of mind to play with confidence.

Where many players make mistakes is in their choice of strategy. Betting systems, for example, are more likely to make the player lose a lot more money than he initially thought of losing, rather than increasing the player’s chances of winning.

But that certainly doesn’t stop players from losing. These strategies are a waste of time and make the situation worse rather than better.

Players who are looking for an effective strategy that will give the player more control over their game often overlook the importance of something like game speed. Using speed as a game strategy is probably one of the lesser known but most effective game strategies. And few players know this.

The aim of a casino is to get as much money out of a player as possible while still offering the player reasonable odds to keep him playing.

It is for this reason that casinos do their best to ensure that all your games are fast. This not only puts the players’ adrenaline at a very high level, it increases the casinos advantage.

The faster a player plays, the faster he spends in a short amount of time. This usually destroys a player’s bankroll, forcing them to deposit more money than if the game were played at a slower pace.

The ability to control how fast you play is the ability to control how the bank will be used, in short, the amount of money. This is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to effective bankroll management and therefore remains one of the most sensitive casino strategies out there.

Most players who are interested in gaming strategies focus on the casino’s advantage in different games.

They will compare the advantage the casino has in each type of game and generally stick with games that have the least advantage to the casino and the most advantage to the player. But this is wrong thinking.


While most players will think it’s impossible to control the speed of a blackjack game , there are still steps a player can take to slow down the game.

For example, it is better for a player to choose tables with fewer people. With very full tables comes more pressure and things tend to be much faster than at a quieter table.

Another crucial factor is the scrambling speed. Avoid tables where there are shuffle machines. These make it easier for the dealer to give more hands than he/she would normally be able to give.

Players should look for tables where cards are dealt manually. This will slow things down enough for a player to effectively control their bankroll.


When it comes to a game like mini- baccarat , the best thing a player can do to slow down the game is to always bet on the “bank” after he wins.

While this sounds like a normal approach, it is actually a powerful strategy and will have the effect of drastically decreasing the number of bets a player can make per hour. In fact, this can cut the number of wagers per hour in half.

Slot machine

The slot machines are perhaps one of the most complicated games when it comes to control the game speed of a player.

The best thing you can do, and this only applies in real casinos, is to use the lever instead of the spin knob. Players should also get used to placing individual coins one by one rather than relying on a machine that accepts bills.

By doing this a player is forced to assess how much he/she is spending. Also, using coins can be less convenient but it has the effect of making the player aware of how much he/she has spent.

In online casinos it is much more difficult to control the speed of slot machines as a mouse click is enough to place a bet.